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Catching up…

Blimey, it’s been ages! A lot to catch up on…

Audiobook work has been progressing along nicely. It’s funny how when you open yourself up to new opportunities, allowing yourself to be brave and ignore that crippling fear that we all feel so often – can I really do this? Am I good enough? What if I’m rubbish? What if I fail? – we open doorways and reveal choices and options that have probably been there all along.

I decided to take the ‘yes man’ approach to life…(I’m not making a ton of money, I’m at the end of my overdraft and I’ve exhausted my credit card but I AM HAVING A BALL!)

I am LOVING this little journey that I am on! We know it’s not the journey I set out to take but it’s every bit as exciting and every bit as worthy as the journey I thought I was going to take. The further along this path I travel, the more passion and ambition I am finding within myself (dare I say it, more so than before!)

I’m finding more and more focus and learning more and more about engineering in my little home studio. So much so, that I have to admit to developing this strange nerdy addiction to technology. Whaaa??

So, here’s where this journey has taken me so far…

I completed a series of children’s short stories for an author in Canada –

This was the first book in the series of which there are 4. Check them out if you have children…or if you just like kids books (whatever rocks your boat, I won’t judge)

From there, I was picked up to narrate a book that falls under the genre HORROR. Yay, a grown up book!

This was a wonderful book called Ashes by Philip Hemplow. It was a challenge to narrate as it contained excerpts from an Elizabethan lady’s diary who lived in a recusant household on the Yorkshire moors. So the story was set in the moors, in modern day but with flash backs to the 1800’s. Man alive, as an actor, we’ve all had our fair share of Shakespearean text to handle BUT WITH A YORKSHIRE ACCENT? Actually, I found that quite easy to fall into place…it was the THREE MALE RUSSIAN voices that were hard!! Each one had to be different. Add to the mix a mele of local reporters, an American woman, well to do Londoners, a softly spoken vicar (of a dubious sexuality) and a middle-aged hippy folklorist! AND to top it all a demonic manifestation!!!!!!

I am saying no more. You shall have to download it and see for yourself…

Ashes book cover

(oh, by the way, it’s on sale at the mo for £3.49. So get it while you can!)

So that takes us up to now where I am currently recording a 14.5 hour epic fantasy called Heir To The North by Steven Poore. If you love your Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Merlin etc, you will LOVE Heir To The North!!


I can not wait for you all to hear this one! It’s a corker!

Oh, before I go…

I’ve also been to my local studios to record some voice reels. Check me out…(that was fun!)

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