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Ron Weasley starts at Hogwarts

So school has started back, parents everywhere cheer and the streets and parks become quiet once again…

With my boy’s autism we’ve had to work very hard at preparing him to start secondary school. We’ve definitely become very adept at the ‘swan effect’. Gliding nicely along for everyone to see but paddling like hell underneath!

Our move to Somerset opened a few useful doors when it came to getting back into the school system after our period of homeschooling. However this wasn’t without its fair share of stress and anxiety. It took three exclusions in one term before the education authority would sit up and see that my child needed help. Sadly, I knew I had to let this play out in order to receive the help we were entitled to…crazy eh?!

However, all’s well that ends well. For the past year Thomas has been educated in an autism base (attached to a mainstream school). A gift from heaven!!! He has thrived and gone from strength to strength. We managed to get his hair cut and get him into a school uniform!!! Those who have experience with children on the spectrum will be all too aware of the constant struggle with sensory processing disorder which often goes in hand with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. I, of course just HAD to do the obligatory first day of school pic and with his mop of flaming red hair and his new school uniform resembling that of Hogwarts (well the tie anyway – before you all start having visions of my son sporting a cloak and wielding a wand around in a lesson of the ‘dark arts’), I suddenly became aware that I appeared to be the mother of a Weasley!! Haha!…a bit of humour goes a very long way in our household.

So with the Weasley child at Hogwarts, I’ve had time to concentrate on myself…woohoo!! I’ve been setting myself up to work from home and I’ve constructed (well, I say me but what I mean is I gave orders to the husband and he dutifully did the constructing) a vocal booth for creating voice overs. It’s taken a few months and I’m finally off the ground and have just finished narrating a children’s audiobook!! It’s been a steep learning curve as I’ve had to learn how to record, edit and master using software. GO ME! Oh, did I mention that it wasn’t that long ago that I had to have a younger friend show me how to send an email…?

Onwards and upwards…

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