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The Heir To The North

It was my birthday last thursday and just before I went to sleep, I decided to check the progress of my latest audiobook release…and there it was, my final birthday present of the day! At 11.44pm I noticed my sales dashboard for THE HEIR TO THE NORTH had changed from headed to retail to available for sale!!  Finally! I thought it would never come…

So, please, PLEASE, get yourself on over to Audible to download THE HEIR TO THE NORTH by the incredible pen of Mr Steven Poore, narrated by ME!!

(reviews are always appreciated)

If you enjoy THE HEIR TO THE NORTH you might also find a wee bit of excitement in your boots for the sequel (the book, not the audio…yet!) THE HIGH KING’S VENGEANCE which is due for release in September. My giddy aunt what more could you ask for?!

oh, pssst…leave me a message and I might just be able to hit you up with a free copy of THE HEIR TO THE NORTH.  (I have 5 copies to give away so first come, first served)

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